My philosophy is one that promotes a lifestyle change in the way we approach food and nutrition.

Frequently, as you may know, people go on a diet, lose some weight, then go off the diet.  Soon, though, they find that they are regaining the weight.  That’s why I truly believe “diets” don’t work, almost never achieving permanent goals.

Learning to make a few simple changes one step at time, this is what allows for consistent weight loss.  Sustainability is the key.


Consulting Services:

  • Individual or group therapy
  • Internet video conferencing available
  • In-person or phone consultations
  • Weight Loss and Detox program
  • Computerized diet analysis and menu planning
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy (disease specific)
  • Allergies — Metabolic Measurements — Alternative Nutrition — Maternal Nutrition — Cardiovascular Disease/Hypertension — General Nutrition/Wellness — Oncology — Celiac Disease/ Gluten Intolerance — Gerontology — Childhood Obesity — Renal Nutrition — Diabetes — Vegetarian Nutrition — Weight Control

    • Worksite wellness presentations and speaking engagements
    • Grocery store tours and kitchen pantry makeovers
    • Cooking classes
      • Initial Visit $70 (60 minutes)
      • Follow up visit $35 (25 minutes)
      • New Client Package: Initial plus 3 follow-up visits
      • Small Group (4 ppl): initial fee per person $30 for 90-minute session.  Follow-up session rate $15 pp for one hour.
      • Medium-size Group (6 ppl): initial fee per person is $25 for 90-minute session.  Follow up sessions $12.50 pp for one hour.
      • Larger Group — rates vary with group size .  Contact me for details.
    • Individual Sessions

      Includes but not limited to full nutrition assessment and medical review, individual diet analysis, education and menu planning.

      Include but not limited to progress evaluation, addressing behavior changes, goal setting, and education.

      $150 paid in full@ initial visit (save $25)

      Group Sessions

      For more information about available services, please contact me by clicking here

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