Lori’s purpose

Passionate in her concern for people, Lori Drummond has dedicated herself to helping others gain better health through better nutrition.

That’s why Good Health Consulting Inc. exists.

The lifelong wellness disciple knows there are no magic wands to a healthy life, but that amazing results can follow careful, committed choices to eat more wisely.

A registered, clinical dietitian and learning-hungry entrepreneur, Lori wants to share her compassionate competency with you so that you might have a more active, extended life.

And in the months ahead, other health professionals with the same, caring desire will join her team for the purpose of helping people just like you.

So much life awaits you. Start making good choices today that will benefit you and your loved ones for years.

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From Lori…

small head shotI can help you to help yourself.

You want better health. I know that you can have what you seek. I’ve seen others reclaim the energy and activity they thought was lost forever. And I’ve seen others extend their quality of life even in the midst of major health issues.

It’s all about making the right choices. Not me, but you.

I’ll share proven strategies for getting real results. You’ll choose to follow a path that can transform not only your flesh but also your spirit.

I can give you the information tools and tips for shopping, cooking and simple exercise that can add years to your life and life to your years.

Your success will not come because your challenges are weak, but instead because your determination is strong. So why not get started today? A healthier, happier you is only a series of choices away.

And I’m ready to help you make those choices.


For more information about available services, please contact me by clicking here

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