The friendly side of certain fats

The guidelines for fat intake are that we consume no more than 20 – 35 % of calories from fat.

A little fat in food adds more than flavor to your meal. It also helps satisfy your hunger by making you feel full after eating. Why? Because fats take longer to leave your stomach than either carbohydrates or proteins do.

A certain amount of body fat serves several functions: to cushion and position your body organs, to protect your bones from injury and to form a layer under your skin. This fat layer offers insulation, helping you stay warm. And the soft fat pads on your buttocks and the palms of your hands protect your bones from bumps, bangs and jolts.  A VERY useful chart follows so make sure to read the rest of this article.

Here’s how to use the chart. Look down the left-hand column until you find the total number of calories you should eat each day. When you find the right amount, look across to see:

  • how many of your calories you can get from fat
  • how many grams of fat this equals
  • how many of your calories you can get from saturated fat
  • how many grams of saturated fat this equals
How Much Fat Can I Eat?
Your Total Daily Calories Recommended Maximum Calories From Fat Recommended Maximum Grams of Fat* Recommended Maximum Calories From Saturated Fat** Recommended Maximum Grams of Saturated Fat
1,600 400 to 560 44 to 62 112 or less 12 or less
1,800 450 to 630 50 to 70 126 or less 14 or less
2,000 500 to 700 56 to 78 140 or less 16 or less
2,200 550 to 770 61 to 86 154 or less 17 or less
2,400 600 to 840 67 to 93 168 or less 19 or less
2,600 650 to 910 72 to 101 182 or less 20 or less
2,800 700 to 980 78 to 109 196 or less 22 or less

 *By following this, you will get the recommended 25% to 35% or less of your calories from fat.
**By following this, you will get the recommended less than 7% of your calories from saturated fat.

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