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Pack for a Pigskin Picnic

One of the highlights of fall and winter weekends is the football tailgate party. Whether for high school, college or the pros, tailgating is as much of a tradition as foam fingers and face paint.

Tailgate food tends to mean snacks and desserts. Try these ideas for a tailgate that’s easy on the waistline:

* Start with fruit skewers and yogurt dip along with vegetables and hummus.
* For the meal, serve deli sandwiches on whole-grain bread loaded with sliced veggies and low-fat cheese.
* Another option is a pot of vegetarian chili and whole wheat bread.
* If you like to grill, choose leaner cuts of meat or poultry.
* For dessert, serve angel food cake chunks mixed with fruit and yogurt, chocolate brownies or even fruit skewers with melted chocolate.

May the best team, and meal, win!

source:  American Dietetic Association

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